New Ways To Elevate Your Hybrid Work Flow

Elevate Your Uses For Ring Central with These Top 10 Features in 2022

Here are several of the new feature highlights from Ring Central‘s Top 10 Features Update that we think will help level up your hybrid work game.

Ring Central Communication Features That Work For Your Business

1. Auto Dialer

Automatically call pre-programmed numbers as soon as your phone is taken off the hook. This capability is very useful for cases such as automatically dialing the front desk or calling for security without having to memorize or manually enter phone numbers.

2. Line Lock-Down

Allows IT to lock down all lines within specific sites so those users are restricted to make and receive calls to/from a phone number assigned by emergency services.

3. Upload new users in bulk

Ring Central has a new streamlined process that “allows IT admins to add new users in bulk via a more user-friendly UI, additional columns for bulk information import, and better error handling and feedback mechanisms”. This can save time and effort when admins update settings, user roles, and templates after importing. (They also updated their Resource Center on desktop and mobile so users self-service onboarding is much more accessible)

4. Collaborative whiteboard across mobile and desktop

Another brand-new Ring Central feature, a Whiteboard that allows you to draw, upload files, and brainstorm ideas on an almost-infinite digital canvas. This tool creates a work environment perfect for hybrid-teams to collaborate no matter where they work from.


Get More Out Of Your Ring Central

5. Instant call-forwarding

Whether you’re going on vacation or into a doctors appointment, with a single click you can instantly forward any incoming calls within the RingCentral app via desktop or mobile. These calls can go to a co-worker, a recording, voicemail, shared line, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), along with many others.

6. Remote Desktop Control

Remote Desktop Control gives IT support the ability to request control when another user is sharing their screen. This skips the hours of back and forth explaining technical instructions to the user on the phone and allows IT to take control and troubleshoot directly with the user’s permission.

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– Ring Central

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